" Don't just lecture your audience, have a conversation with them."

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About Bryant K. Smith

"Recruiter", "Professor", "Author", and "Coach" are all titles Bryant K. Smith has worn while helping to guide people to their success in the halls of academia, corporate America, and on and off of the basketball court. Bryant K. Smith is a man with a vision. He is an expert in identifying, cultivating, and maximizing human potential. His work "often helps to make good people great and great people become memorable".

Bryant has served as an administrator and faculty member at 5 different colleges and universities and has helped thousands of students to graduate and find their purpose. For the past two decades Bryant has been at the forefront of assisting business, athletic, and educational institutions train, inspire, and develop their employees, athletes, and students into potentially world altering people.

Bryant makes a living traveling the country as an author and inspirational speaker, but more importantly he makes a difference in the lives of young people everyday through his work, volunteerism and philanthropy. Bryant is a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity, incorporated. He is a board member of the Palmetto Team Youth Association, the founder and creator of "Life Station" male development workshop and "The Remix Hip Hop Leadership Institute". He is a distinguished faculty member for the "Student African-American Brotherhood (SAAB)", and the "Am I My Brothers Keeper?" annual conferences and is recognized across the country as a leader in diversity training, student success and male development and empowerment.

Bryant is also the author of a social commentary on race relations in the United States entitled "Black Not Blind"; a book about the power of human potential entitled "Five"; two male development books "M.A.N.-U.P. Master And Nurture (your) Unlimited Potential: How to Coach a Male into Manhood”, and "The Application For Manhood Workbook"; and his newest book is entitled "For My Sons & Brothers" a compilation of letters to all sons and brothers and the people that care about them.

Known for his ability to "meet his clients and students where they are and guide them to where they need to be" Bryant uses his life motto "difficult does not equal impossible" as a reminder that success is only one more attempt away. Now living everyday firmly in his purpose and passion Bryant currently resides in Clemson, South Carolina.

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